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Communism refers to a theoretical system of social organization and a political movement based on common ownership of the means of production. As a political movement, communism seeks to establish a classless society. A major force in world politics since the early 20th century, modern communism is generally associated with The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, according to which the capitalist profit-based system of private ownership is replaced by a communist society in which the means of production are communally owned.


This process, initiated by the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeoisie, passes through a transitional period marked by the preparatory stage of socialism. Pure Communism has never been implemented, it remains theoretical: Communism is, in Marxist theory, the end-state, or the result of state-socialism. The word is now mainly understood to refer to the political, economic, and social theory of Marxist thinkers, or life under conditions of Communist party rule.


The Fabian Society founded in 1884 by British socialists Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw and others, the Fabian plan is to implement world socialism incrementally through legislation.

Their more radical counterparts, the Bolsheviks, fomented violent revolution in order to trigger the bloody birth pangs of what they also hoped for, a socialist world.  Fabians seek a gradual path to the same totalitarian goal, Godless Communism.


Shaw named the society after the Roman General Fabius Cuncator, whose stealthy guerilla military tactics led to victory over the superior forces of the Carthaginian General, Hannibal.  Cuncator avoided open battle, preferring the strategy of wearing down his opponent with elusive hit and run maneuvers.

Like their namesake, today’s Fabians seek to avoid an open confrontation with the forces of freedom and, subsequently, tend to shield their true agenda from the light of day.


The creed of the Society, written in 1887, was as follows:

“It (The Fabian Society) therefore aims at the reorganization of society by the emancipation of land and industrial Capital from individual and class ownership…The Society accordingly works for the extinction of private property in land…”


The Fabian plan was to infiltrate America by targeting our legal system.
Sidney and Beatrice Webb, in 1898, toured American Colleges where they cultivated a following amongst native socialist intellectuals.  One of their Fabian converts, Felix Cohen, a law professor at Yale, wrote the following:

“It is possible to attempt the overthrow of capitalism as an economic system without at the same time attacking the substance of capitalist law...Socialists can learn from their adversaries that it is always possible to attack existing law, in the name of democracy, justice, and liberty, in the name of the great ideals of the American Constitution, and in the name of law itself.”


The Fabians sought to overthrow our system by changing the meaning of our stated legal concepts, and to codify those changes with cases brought by Fabian lawyers before Fabian Judges.  The effect of this has been that while the technical wording of American law hasn’t changed much, the implementation has been transferred from the citizen and his elected representatives, to appointed bureaucrats.  The Fabians have, diabolically, used our own laws to change the law.  Freedom is the victim of these Socialist manipulations.


English intellectual Harold Laski, a Fabian disciple of the Webbs, founded the ACLU along with his American Fabian influenced associates Felix Frankfurter, Norman Thomas and John Dewey.

Other leftist founders included Rev Harry Ward, founder of the communist front Federal Council of Churches, William Z. Foster, Chairman of the American Communist Party and author of “Toward Soviet America,” Communist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Socialist Eugene V. Debs, and Clarence Darrow, who was the ACLU attorney at the Scopes trial.

Each one of these figures would wield pivotal influence over American society and would contribute mightily toward the implementation of the long-term Fabian goal of atheist tyranny. 


Frankfurter would go on to an appointment, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, to the Supreme Court where his progressive fingerprints can be found all over decisions transferring sovereign citizen rights to a “liberal” elite.

Harry Ward would be a significant force in subverting the American Protestant Church in the direction of godless humanism.

John Dewey is considered the father of “progressive” education, with the deliberate dumbing down tactics that dominate today.

Clarence Darrow spearheaded the implementation of the theory of evolution as a state mandated religious doctrine.


In the name of liberty, the Fabians seek to destroy individual rights.  While they smugly wrap themselves in the Constitution, they plot to transfer power to bureaucracies staffed with their friends and paid for by those who’s freedoms they seek to usurp.  They seek to entangle us in a jungle of laws, phrased in incomprehensible language, upon which we will not be able to extricate ourselves.  Their central crusade is the eradication of GOD in public life. 


Hello everyone!  Is anybody listening?

You have read the definition of communism; you have been introduced to Fabianism, now meet Communitariumism.


The Communitarian

American men, women, and children are members of many communities--families; neighborhoods; innumerable social, religious, ethnic, work place, and professional associations; and the body politic itself. Neither human existence nor individual liberty can be sustained for long outside the interdependent and overlapping communities to which all of us belong. Nor can any community long survive unless its members dedicate some of their attention, energy, and resources to shared projects. The exclusive pursuit of private interest erodes the network of social environments on which we all depend, and is destructive to our shared experiment in democratic self-government. For these reasons, we hold that the rights of individuals cannot long be preserved without a communitarian perspective.

A communitarian perspective recognizes both individual human dignity and the social dimension of human existence.

A communitarian perspective recognizes that the preservation of individual liberty depends on the active maintenance of the institutions of civil society where citizens learn respect for others as well as self-respect; where we acquire a lively sense of our personal and civic responsibilities, along with an appreciation of our own rights and the rights of others; where we develop the skills of self-government as well as the habit of governing ourselves, and learn to serve others-- not just self.

A communitarian perspective recognizes that communities and polities, too, have obligations--including the duty to be responsive to their members and to foster participation and deliberation in social and political life.

A communitarian perspective does not dictate particular policies; rather it mandates attention to what is often ignored in contemporary policy debates: the social side of human nature; the responsibilities that must be borne by citizens, individually and collectively, in a regime of rights; the fragile ecology of families and their supporting communities; the ripple effects and long-term consequences of present decisions. The political views of the signers of this statement differ widely. We are united, however, in our conviction that a communitarian perspective must be brought to bear on the great moral, legal and social issues of our time.


In the first paragraph they try to lay the ground work saying you cannot have individual rights without there being a community.  In other words, the community secures your rights.


The third paragraph tries to say the only way to liberty is through communal living.


It goes on to say you have a duty to your community.


Look, all you need to know is what the Founding Fathers knew.  You are born with your rights.  No one gives them to you or provides them for you.  They can never be taken away unless you willingly surrender them.  They can only be suppressed by an oppressive government.


Communitarianism is the path to serfdom guaranteed.


They will say their position is only an argument not a movement like Fabianism.   Fine, it still leads to tyranny and oppression of individual liberty.  It is plainly anti individual and pro socialism which Marx knew leads to Communism


Of Course there’s more to the Communitarian path to serfdom than the preamble but it is all double speak.  You enter a world where bad is good and good is bad.   Where freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom. 


So who is the father of this argument for the Communitarian?


a etzioni

His name is Amitai Etzioni.


According to his bio he received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1958.  Then he served as a Professor of Sociology at Columbia University for 20 years.  During part of that time, he was also Chairman of the department. He was a guest scholar at the liberal Brookings Institution in 1978 before he served as a Senior Advisor to the White House on domestic affairs from 1979-1980 with President Jimmy Carter. In 1980, Etzioni was named the first University Professor at The George Washington University, where he is the Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies. From 1987-1989, he served as the Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation Professor at the Harvard Business School.


He was president of the American Sociological Association in 1994-95, 1989-90 founding president of the international Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, 1990 founded the Communitarian Network. He edited The Responsive Community: Rights and Responsibilities, the organization’s quarterly journal, from 1991-2004. 1991 found the press referring to Etzioni as the ‘guru’ of the communitarian movement.


Etzioni's voice is heard in the media frequently.


Richard Posner, in 2001, named Etzioni among the top 100 American intellectuals


There’s more but you can go to his website and read that part.



Who are some of this “Guru’s” followers?

Enola Aird (Activist mother, Connecticut)

Rodolfo Alvarez (University of California, Los Angeles)

John B. Anderson (Presidential Candidate, 1980)

Benjamin R. Barber (Rutgers University; signing with exception to moral education section)

Robert N. Bellah (University of California, Berkeley)

Warren Bennis (University of Southern California)

Janice M. Beyer (University of Texas, Austin; signing with exception to the family section)

David Blankenhorn (President, Institute for American Values)

John E. Brandl (University of Minnesota; former Minnesota State Senator, Representative)

Joan Bronk (Former President, National Council of Jewish Women)

Christine K. Cassel (The University of Chicago)

James Childress (University of Virginia)

Bryce J. Christensen (President, The Family in America, The Rockford Institute)

Henry Cisneros (Former Mayor, San Antonio, Texas)

John C. Coffee (Columbia University Law School)

David Cohen (Co-Director, Advocacy Institute)

Anthony E. Cook (Georgetown University Law School)

Harvey Cox (Harvard Divinity School; signing with exception to cleaning up the polity section)

Thomas E. Cronin (Colorado College)

William D'Antonio (Catholic University)

Dennis DeLeon (Commissioner and Chairman, New York City Commission on Human Rights)

Thomas Donaldson (Georgetown University)

Joseph Duffey (President, The American University)

Thomas W. Dunfee (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Stuart E. Eizenstat (Attorney, Washington, D.C.)

Lloyd Elliott (President Emeritus, George Washington University)

Jean Bethke Elshtain (Vanderbilt University)

Amitai Etzioni (The George Washington University)

Chester E. Finn, Jr. (Vanderbilt University)

James Fishkin (University of Texas, Austin)

Carol Tucker Foreman (Partner, Foreman & Heidepriem)

Betty Friedan (New York City)

Francis Fukuyama (The Rand Corporation)

William A. Galston (University of Maryland)

John W. Gardner (Stanford University)

Neil Gilbert (University of California, Berkeley)

J. Richard Gilliland (President, Metropolitan Community College, Omaha, Nebraska)

Mary Ann Glendon (Harvard Law School)

T. George Harris (New York, NY)

David K. Hart (Brigham Young University)

F. Barton Harvey III (The Enterprise Foundation)

Jeffrey R. Henig (George Washington University)

Albert O. Hirschman (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

James Hunter (University of Virginia)

Nicholas deB. Katzenbach (Attorney, Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti, and former Attorney General of the United States)

Daniel Kemmis (Mayor, Missoula, Montana; signing with exception to second amendment section)

Lawrence J. Korb (The Brookings Institution)

Joyce A. Ladner (Vice President for Academic Affairs, Howard University)

Hillel Levine (Boston University)

George C. Lodge (Harvard Business School)

Malcolm Lovell, Jr. (President, National Planning Association)

Duncan MacRae, Jr. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Frank Mankiewicz (Vice Chairman, Hill and Knowlton)

Gary Marx (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Thomas McCollough (Duke University)

Sanford N. McDonnell (Chairman Emeritus, McDonnell Douglas)

John L. McKnight (Northwestern University)

Catherine Milton (Executive Director, The Commission on National and Community Service)

Newton N. Minow (Former F.C.C. Chairman; Attorney, Chicago, Illinois)

Charles Moskos (Northwestern University)

Ilene H. Nagel (U.S. Sentencing Commission and Indiana University)

William C. Norris (Chairman, William C. Norris Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

John Parr (President, National Civic League)

Orlando Patterson (Harvard University)

Michael Pertschuk (Co-Director, Advocacy Institute)

Sylvia L. Peters (Founding Partner, The Edison Project)

Chase N. Peterson (President-Emeritus, University of Utah)

Grethe B. Peterson (University of Utah)

Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University)

David Popenoe (Rutgers University)

Alejandro Portes (Johns Hopkins University)

Lonnie C. Rich (City Council Member, Alexandria, Virginia)

Elliot L. Richardson (Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy and former Attorney General of the United States)

David Riesman (Harvard University; signing with exception to cleaning up the polity section)

Alice S. Rossi (Former President, American Sociological Association; Amherst, Massachusetts)

William D. Ruckelshaus (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Browning-Ferris Industries; Houston, Texas)

George Rupp (President, Rice University)

David Rusk (Former Mayor, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Isabel Sawhill (Senior Fellow, The Urban Institute)

Kurt L. Schmoke (Mayor of Baltimore)

Claudine Schneider (Chair of the Board, Renew America)

Richard F. Schubert (President & CEO, Points of Light Foundation)

William F. Schulz (President, Unitarian Universalist Association)

Philip Selznick (University of California, Berkeley)

Albert Shanker (President, American Federation of Teachers)

Fred Siegel (Cooper Union)

Gillian Martin Sorensen (President, National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.)

Thomas Spragens, Jr. (Duke University)

Margaret O'Brien Steinfels (Editor, Commonweal)

Adlai E. Stevenson (Chicago, Illinois)

Peter L. Strauss (Columbia University)

William Sullivan (LaSalle University)

Robert Theobald (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Lester C. Thurow (Dean, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Daniel Thursz (President, The National Council on the Aging)

Kenneth Tollett (Howard University)

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Dennis H. Wrong (New York University)

Daniel Yankelovich (President, Public Agenda Foundation)

American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities.



Does it not make you sick to your stomach to read the names of those who are willing to surrender your freedom and commit you to serfdom?  But it should offer you a view of how these folks view themselves.  They view themselves as being enlightened which really means elitist.


I personally think they are very brave souls when I look back and see the bloody history of the Soviet Union.  The Communitarians better hope that there vision to totalitarianism doesn’t follow the path that was followed in Russia, for in the beginning; it was the bourgeois who were slaughtered by the common man.


They’re all socialists and they all serve the same goal.  That is:

To destroy the United States of America and everything it stands for.

Especially individual Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

There is a consistent tone amongst them all, and that is; individual freedom does not exist and a soviet system of controlled government with the elites as the supreme soviet.


"Few Americans describe themselves as socialists; European socialists, however, point out that in America -- LIBERALISM -- means the same as socialism in Europe. . . .”  from:




There is a battle raging over who will control the world.  Who will sit at the top in this New World Order?  Oh yes, there are others who have signed onto the United Nations plan for usurping your rights.  Another group of elites called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  They may not call themselves Liberals and you might even call them conservatives but the one thing they all have in common and have agreed on is; the agenda for Sustainable Development or what is known as Agenda 21. 


Agenda 21 sets up a soviet system of councils; seeks to put 50% of the world’s land under government control; institutes socialist policy of redistribution of wealth; controls education and health care; inventories, tracks and controls all resources of the world, including the human kind (meaning you); discourages belief systems that are based on the creation; introduces Mother Earth as the source of all things; and sells the package wrapped in a blanket of environmentalism to push your emotional buttons.


I don’t care what they say, how they present themselves, what argument they use, if they support implementation of Agenda 21 then they oppose individual liberty and what we know as “the American way of life”.


From the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Website


World Summit on Sustainable Development: Working Together to Build Prosperity

May 23, 2002

Speakers: Paula J. Dobriansky

                    Nigel Purvis


Purvis: Contrary to the Council on Foreign Relations ordinary practice, this event is on the record. Undersecretary Dobriansky has agreed kindly to answer a few questions from the audience at the conclusion of her address. This meeting will end promptly at 1:15 unless we exhaust questions from you beforehand. So please join me in welcoming [President G. W. Bush’s] Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, Paula Dobriansky. (Applause)


Paula Dobriansky (PD): First, thank you, Nigel, for that very warm and also full introduction. And I’d also like to thank Anne Luzzatto and the Council on Foreign Relations team, as well as Jim Steinberg and the Bookings Institution. Really, I’m very delighted to be here this afternoon with all of you. In fact, as I look around the audience, I see many familiar faces. So I’m pleased to be here today with you. I’m really glad to have this opportunity to discuss our vision for meeting one of the great challenges of the new era in which we have entered. How to continue to widen the circle of hope and prosperity in ways that foster natural resource stewardship and environment protection for current and future generations. It is a vision for implementing sustainable development that we hope others will share as well.


We already have agreed upon Agenda 21 and the Millennium Declaration Goals. The world community does not need to negotiate new goals or create new global bureaucracies. If we are serious, Johannesburg must be about actual implementation. I think UN Secretary General Kofi Annan put it very well when he outlined this reality in a clear way by saying, quote: “The Summit aims to move from commitments, of which we have had plenty, 30 years ago and ten years ago, to action.” Unquote. But how can we best make progress in realizing the agenda that we have all agreed upon?


The members of this group read like the who’s who in the US Government, Corporate America and heads of NGOs and Foundations all across America.  And if you don’t find their name there you’ll find it listed under the Trilateral Commission.


This is the biggest can of worms in the world.  It’s like a rotten onion; every time you peel off a layer you find another layer that stinks worse.


This movement to dominate the New World Order has been described as rings within rings without the adjacent outer ring having knowledge they are actually being manipulated by their inner ring which remains consistent all the way inward to the real power center of only a select few who actually control the money of the world.


This all seems plausible because you run across names being involved where you would think they would not be, simply because on the surface and in the public view, the partner members are viewed as adversaries.


Moving on, we know Sustainable Development is Agenda 21 and Agenda 21 seeks to control your life.  So right next door is Sustainable Sonoma County.


On their website you will find this double speak


Sustainable Sonoma County is a learning and action community that connects, inspires, and empowers people to align their thinking and action with their deep need for a life-affirming and sustainable world. SSC's projects, events, workshops, research and publications engage people in the creation of an ecological, equitable, and prosperous society.



There it is, wrapped in the new religion, environmentalism.

I always wondered what was wrong with me, now I know, I need to be connected, inspired, and empowered to align my thinking and action with my deep need for a life-affirming and sustainable world.  I’m sure I’ll find it in this new religion.  While having my life re-affirmed, I think I might have to puke.


Why would anyone fall for this stuff?


I have yet to find a website from a “Sustainable” community in the United States of America that promotes or quotes the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Founding Fathers.  That is because they think the Founders and their documents are all out dated and are no longer useful, so they say.  But frankly, they don’t dare because what they are promoting goes against everything in those documents and how our Founders thought.  In other words, any and all “Sustainable” communities are anti American.


In Our Midst


Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA, formally Heart Consciousness Church, has been listed as a communitarian community on FIC’s website.

FIC is the acronym for: The Fellowship for Intentional Community's Non-profit Purposes, and when you look at FIC’s purposes listed on their website the first purpose is: “TO EMBRACE THE DIVERSITY THAT EXISTS AMONG COMMUNITIES and to facilitate increased interaction between communitarians and the wider culture;”…


Below is an excerpt from a huge website where you will probably find the answer to any question you might have about any of the topics on this page.  It is called: The Anti Communitarian League and has a wealth of information. 

God Bless America and all my fellow Americans!



Ever heard of Dr. Etzioni and his Communitarian Network? Most Americans haven't. Americans are never told about the powerful and important role any of the "communitarian thinkers" have in the White House, the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives. Americans do not vote for the advisers who work behind the scenes. His organizations operate at the highest levels of international discourse and within elite groups of academics working to "change the world" (as per Marx's vision). Americans really have no idea what's been going on in this country for the past few decades. Many of us refuse to believe it even once we know it is true. The undisputable fact is: Etzioni is here to dismantle and destroy our free nation. He may cloak his sinister purposes in lovely terminology that none of us understand, but that's only because he was trained to use Fabian propaganda and promote moral dialogues based in the Hegelian dialectic. He calls his primary American organization The Responsive Community, but because he's more "moral" than Americans, he never responds to his American critics.


The communitarian agenda is to eliminate all nations and establish an all-powerful, central global government. Maybe we need to know a little bit more about this guy.

For many elected and appointed U.S. re-development officials, Amitai Etzioni is the leading moral voice in the U.S. Regardless of his limited fame with American voters, Amitai Etzioni is probably the most influential voice in American politics today. And in case you're wondering why you never heard of him, Etzioni considers working-class Americans to be too uneducated and too immoral to vote for officials (like himself) who hold the real power in the White House. We vote for Etzioni's front men.

His "moral voice" can be heard everywhere from the Oval Office to the Pentagon to the PNAC to the sacred halls of American universities and law schools, across the globe to quiet little policy meetings in Europe. He's a very well-connected internationalist with strong ties to the top global players in London (Fabians), Moscow (Gorbachev) and Jerusalem (Ben Gurion's Zionist revolutionaries). He's definitely a "somebody."

Etzioni represents the confusion in modern party politics. His ideology controls the merger between the American left and right, although most Americans haven't caught on to the name of it yet. When Etzioni's name appears in the media, it's usually as an "expert." His resume is that of a revered elder statesman, but most Americans have never heard of him at all. Until Americans learn who Etzioni is and what his theory does, mass confusion and disorder will reign, and the potential for chaos and violence will grow. The progressive People For the American Way explain the rules of engangement against what they call the Radical Right's Religious McCarthyism: "It is sad and disheartening, as well as reprehensible, that you would lend your name and position to such ugly and divisive political tactics," says PFAW's letter to Frist."


Etzioni doesn't play kid games. This is deadly serious and we have recently been warned that some people in D.C. consider him to be a very dangerous and powerful man. This is almost a joke because we are really just a couple little nobodies who believe our duty as citizens carries the weight of official U.S. law.

We've read so many blogs and articles of Americans trying vainly to explain why some leftists now sound like right-wingers (and visa-vera). Other Americans stick blindly to their "side" and totally blame the other side for what went wrong in D.C. The anti-Bush crowd focuses only on Bush and the far-right focuses on the loudest distractions the left can produce. Etzioni comes out of this fracas and calmly states that he is our new moderator. What few Americans know (and many refuse to accept) is both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are great admirers of Dr. Amitai Etioni. BOTH U.S. Presidents implemented Etzioni's plans for rebuilding American society from 1992 [Agenda 21] to today. A prolific writer, Etzioni has published a lot of ideas for helping the U.S. become a "better" society. Openly Fabian, he doesn't even hide the fact that he's a change agent for the dialectical revolution. He's simply more moral than that now. Today, unlike the terrorist actions of the Etzioni Brigades in 1947, he uses propaganda and lies instead of bullets and bombs to achieve his goals.





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